License for operating a Lift


Who should apply?
The owner of a place who is permitted to install a lift in such place shall make an application to the officer authorized for a License for operating the Lift.
Documents Required:
1.Layout of earthing plan
2.Circuit diagram of panel
3.Lift well plan with dimension
4.Machine room plan with dimension
5.Section elevation with dimension
6.Landing entrance detail with dimension
7.Run by & clearance with dimension
8.Manufacture’s test certificate of the followings:
  a.Traction machinery assembly with Serial Number
  b.Over speed Governor with Serial Number
  c.Elevator controller
  d.Ropes of Car & Buffer
9.Inspection manual in the prescribed format    
10.NOC for construction of the building
11.Application for permission to install lift or for making additions or alterations to the installed lift. Application for permission to install lift
12.Declaration from the person authorized under section 13 for erection of lifts. ANNEXURE-III
13.Declaration from the person authorized under section 13. ANNEXURE-V
15 (Fifteen) working days from the date of submission of application, completed in all respects along with documents as per checklist.
Fees and Payments:
Refer to Fees

Department of Power