Pest Control Operation (Anti- Termites) License


Who should apply?
Any person or business who performs pest control for hire including, but not limited to, advertising, soliciting or operating as a pest control business, shall make an application for pest control operation license.
Documents Required:
1. Principal certificate under rule 10(7).
2. Form-X Self certificate.
3. Sub-dealership from valid license holder of Anti termites.
4. Go-down/ Storage facilities
5. Trade License from local body & much submit certificate of registration from office of the Asstt. Labour Commissioner
6. A copy of PAN Card
7. Copy of Passport size photograph
8. Inspection report with due recommendation of DAO/SDAO as per guidelines
9. A copy of form XII
10. Certificate of Technical expert & his PAN.
30 (Working) days from the date of submission of application, complete in all respects alongwith documents as per checklist
Fees and Payments:
Offline Mode
Treasury Challan of Rs.1000.00.
Head of Account-III Economics Service-0401-Crop Husbandry-107-Receipt from PP Service

Department of Agriculture