Amendment of fertilizer godown/office address etc


Who should apply?
Any entrepreneur deals in Fertilizer, intends to change their address of Godown/Office shall have to apply for this service.
Documents Required:
1. A Copy of Court Affidavit for address change
2. “O” Form from Manufacturing/Importing Company
30 Working Days, in case documents submitted are correct in all respect.
Fees and Payments:
Rs.100/- amendments fees in the Head of 0401-Crop Husbandry-105-Sale of Manures & Fertilizers
Details as follows:
a) Inorganic Fertilizer –Rs 100/-
b) Micro nutrient – Rs 100/-
c) BioFertilizer &Organic fertilizer–Rs 100/-
d) Physical/ Granulated/ Special Mixture of Fertilizer- Rs. 100/-


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