Booking a River Cruise for an event



At present the Inland Water Transport Department, Assam, Guwahati, has to offer only one cruise service through the departmental vessel Ramp Power Launch (RPL) Ushaban. The rate of the vessel is Rs.10,000.00 per day. The interested party can approach the Director, Inland Water Transport, Assam, through an application.

Process Flow:

If the authority is satisfied with the application than an intimation letter will be addressed to the intending party subject to fulfillment of the following terms and conditions as detailed below:-

The hire charge for the cruise period has to be deposited in advance through a Demand Draft in favour of the Director, Inland Water Transport, Assam, Guwahati-7.

Also necessary Petrol, Oil, Lubricant (P.O.L) has to be provided by the party for the cruise period.

Eligibility Criteria:

Any interested party willing to pay a sum of Rs.10, 000 is eligible.


The rate of the vessel is Rs.10, 000.00 per day

Documents Required:

An application with the following points distinctly mentioned.

  • Date on which cruise service is required.
  • Number of persons.
  • Cruise timing

How to apply:

An application should be forwarded to the Director, Inland Water Transport Assam.

Type of Service:

Offline : Yes

Whom to Contact:

Shri Ranjan Kumar Mahanta,
Junior Engineer, Inland Water Transport, Commercial Service,
Phone No. 94357 32649.

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