Duplicate Registration Certificate



When a registration certificate of a vehicle is reported to be lost, mutilated, torn or used-up, duplicate registration certificate is issued to the registered owner.

Process Flow:

  • If at any time, the certificate of registration is lost or destroyed, report to the police station in the jurisdiction of which the loss or destruction has occurred.
  • Intimate that fact in writing to the registering authority by whom the certificate of registration was issued.
  • Apply for duplicate certificate of registration to the last registering authority in Form 26.
  • Pay appropriate fee as specified in Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989.


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Documents Required:

  • Application in Form 26
  • Original copy of F.I.R. or Police report in case of loss.
  • Photo copy of valid insurance certificate.
  • Tax clearance
  • Photo Copy of Pollution under control certificate

Forms to be filled:

Form 26

Type of Service:

Offline Service

Whom to Contact:

For any queries regarding registration, you may contact:

District Transport Offices

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