Certificate of Differently abled



Differently abled certificate can help the persons to avail the schemes and benefits
The Medical Authorities have been selected to issue the Medical Certificate
In case of Singular Disability, specialists doctors working in Govt. Hospitals have been appointed
In case of Multiple Disabilities, a board is constituted by the Commissioner of the concerned district

  •  Overview
  •  Process Flow
  •  Eligibility Criteria
  •  Documents Required
  •  Important Timeline
  •  How to apply
  •  Type of Service
  •   Whom to Contact


Unique ID for Persons with Disabilities project is being implemented with a view of creating a National Database for PwDs, and to issue a Unique Disability Identity Card to each person with disabilities. The project will not only encourage transparency, efficiency and ease of delivering the government benefits to the person with disabilities, but also ensure uniformity.The project will also help in stream-lining the tracking of physical and financial progress of beneficiary at all levels of hierarchy of implementation – from village level, block level, District level , State level and National level.

The Government of Assam has notified the Medical Authorities to issue Certificate for the Differently abled persons. The Government has notified the selected Authorities as competent to issue the Certificates.

Process Flow:

Follow the Guidelines given below in Schedule I

Eligibility Criteria:

        He should be a citizen of India
        He/she should have a physical disability

Documents Required:

        Signature/Thumb impression of the patient.
        Countersigned by the
        Medial Superintendent/CMO/Head of
        Hospital (with seal)
        Recent attested photograph showing the disability affixed here.

Important Timeline:

Validity : Permanent

How to apply:

Follow the guidelines as given in Schedule I

Schedule I   

Guidelines to obtain Disability Certificate   


Type of Service:

Online and Offline Both

Whom to Contact:

Department of Social Justice and Empowerment , Assam.



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